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Essential Biomechanics

Your place to learn biomechanics.

"You do the thinking, and not the appliance"

Why Study Biomechanics ?

The scientific principles of BIOLOGY and MECHANICS helps the orthodontist to plan and execute dental movements with great efficiency. In addition, he is then able to recognize and predict the side effects of any type of orthodontic appliance.

How to learn?

About Me

"Why did I create this blog?"

"I have been passionately dedicated to the research, practice, and teaching of Orthodontics for over 20 years. I have completed specialization, master's degree, two doctoral degrees and post-doctoral stage (at the best place to study biomechanics- Aarhus, Denmark). This was after failing ten selections for postgraduate programs, such was the difficulty for a mere mortal to enter the academic life at that time.

With the aim of sharing some of the experience I have gained over these years, I have created this blog. I hope you enjoy it."


Dr. Ahmed Kadry, Egypt

"Some books are very informative but you can't wait to be done with them. The book Secrets of Biomechanics is the opposite, and I'll be sure to come back to it time and time again with pleasure."
Practical Courses
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