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Forget about difficult math calculations, LEARN WHAT TO DO IN PRACTICE!

Discover The Fundamentals of Orthodontic Biomechanics

From Principles to Practical Application

Your All-in-One Course Replacing Hundreds of Theoretical Papers!

This comprehensive online course offers an in-depth exploration of the mechanical and biological principles that underpin orthodontic treatment. Whether you're just starting your journey in orthodontics or are an experienced practitioner seeking to refine your skills, "Orthodontic Biomechanics" is your path to mastery in this critical field. 


Discover the Key Tooth Movements for Adult Orthodontics Success

Explore essential tooth movements, including molar uprighting, molar protraction, molar expansion, molar derotation, anterior intrusion, three-piece mechanics, and more, as we guide you through the art and science of orthodontic biomechanics.


Pratical Hands-on Training

Typodont Simulations


Evidence-Based Insights

Finite Element Studies

What My Students Are Saying

— Dr. Nag Anand (India 🇮🇳)

Excellent approach by Dr. Gustavo to teach and make us understand the complex biomechanics in a much simpler way!

— Dr. Isaak Atmatsidis (Greece 🇬🇷)

The course was perfect, the explanations by Dr. Gustavo where very clear, the schemes and simulation videos where excellent.

— Dr. Eli-N (Egypt 🇪🇬)

I am very much impressed with the course and Dr. Gameiro. The lectures are clear, thorough, and well-produced.

Make It Happen!

Who Will Be Your Teacher?


Dr. Gustavo Gameiro

Welcome to the course born from over two decades of dedication to Orthodontics. I am a specialist with advanced training, including a master's, doctorates, and a post-doctoral stage in biomechanics at the prestigious institution in Aarhus, Denmark. Despite challenges and rejections, my passion for Orthodontics inspired me to create this course to share deep and practical knowledge on orthodontic biomechanics.

This course is designed to provide a clear understanding of essential biomechanical principles in Orthodontics, blending theory and practice. It's ideal for both beginners and experienced professionals looking to enhance their skills. Join me on this educational journey and transform your career. 


Students in +110 countries. 🌎

Course Curriculum (freepreview)

 6.1 - Fabrication of Transpalatal Bar - FREE PREVIEW

 6.2 - Fabrication of Lingual Arch

 6.3 - Fabrication of Occlusal Splint (Occlusal Anchorage)

 6.4 - Solving Transversal Problems I - Molars Expansion

 6.5 - Solving Transversal Problems II - Molars Derotation

 6.6 - Solving Sagital Problems I - Uprighting Molars

 6.7 - Solving Sagital Problems II - Protracting Molars

 6.8 - Solving Vertical Problems I - Intrusion Arches

 6.9 - Solving Vertical Problems II - Three-Piece Appliance

Bonus Material


Rectangular Loop Manual, Video-Enhanced Audiobook, Interactive Ebook

Navigate the intricacies of orthodontic practice with our illustrated rectangular loop manual.
Enjoy the convenience of learning on the go with our engaging video-enhanced audiobook.
Delve into the 10 most fundamental concepts of biomechanics with our interactive ebook (New Edition).


If you are still here, it's because you know you need to acquire the confidence to face your daily cases in the office. Ensure your efficiency with the Fundamentals of Orthodontic Biomechanics. Redeem your promotion by clicking the button below and enjoy 54% off.

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